Level-6 Diploma

NIET.UK doesn’t intend to offer Level-6 Diploma courses as it is the final year of the degree programme in any particular discipline. Therefore, after completing Level-4 & 5 diploma courses, students will be joining the 3rd year (the final year in the UK system) either at our partner universities in the UK or NIET.UK campus following a UK University programme.

NOTE:  Level of Qualification system in the UK

Level-2 qualification is equivalent to SSC/O-level/GCSE

                        Level-3 qualification is equivalent to HSC/A-level/GEC

Level-4 qualification: first year at University

Level-5 qualification: 2nd year at University

Level-6 qualification: 3rd year at University (Final year in the UK system)

Level-7 qualification: Postgraduate course (MSc/MA/MBA/PgD/MPhil)

Level-8 qualification: PhD/DBA

For details, please contact NIET.UK admin